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O porode biveri

Biewer-yorkies are wonderful companions, lap-dogs and at the same time brave miniature terriers! This is a young breed, which was originated in Germany, in 1984 and became very popular all over the world. However, in some countries it is still unknown and only enthusiasts import these beautiful puppies mostly from Europe, where the breed is already widely recognized.
Biewers are not a crossbreed as some people may think. They originated from standard Yorkshire terriers as it is oficially stated in the History of the breed which you can get familiar with on our website or anywhere on the Internet.
Biewer-yorkies are the same miniature size as classic Yorkshire terriers and have almost all feautures of this breed except coat color. Like classic Yorkies, Biewers are singlecoated and have hair, not fur, which grows long and silky, does not shed and therefore is considered to be hypoallergenic.
They have erect ears, smart, brown eyes, undocked, hairy tail and a personality ten times larger then their tiny bodies might suggest. They love to be the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to be the star of the show. As with most terrier breeds, Biewers are fearless creatures, quick to posture against dogs of any size. They often have no idea just how tiny they are, therefore that is the task of the owner to care for the safety of its pet. Biewers easily get along with other dogs, they are good with children and love to accompany people on trips outside the home, whether strutting their stuff on a leash, or being carried around like a prince or princess.
Biewers can be accessorized with dog clothes and bows. Clothes are no just tribute to fashion, it will be very appropriate for cold weather, cause Biewers do not have undercoat, which keep other breeds warm in winter season. The long hair around the face is either trimmed or tied into a topknot to keep it out of the dog's face for hygiene purposes. With the help of the bow you can have your Biewer looking put-together, neat, tidy and beautiful. An endless varity of products for dogs are offered in pet-boutiques so that your forlegged friend is always in fashion.
Unlike their Yorkshire ancestors Biewer-yorkies are tricolored dogs with the body being blue/black and white and the head being blue/black-white-gold, preferably symetrical colored. Pattern of spots on the body is not important. Coloring can be blue/black-white broken or closely blue/black absolute with white frill on the neck, without brown coloring on the body. Hair on the breast, on the belly, and the legs must be pure white.

O porode biro

Biro Yorkshire terriers have absolutely the same features as Biewers with only one exception: they have chocolate color instead of black. Like Biewers, Biro terriers are also tricolored dogs and obligatory must have a clearly pronounced shade of gold on the head.
Please, do not mix up a true chocolate color with a sable color. The standard of some other breeds, for example Shih Tzy standard, allows the dogs to have a chocolate nose together with different coat colors: sable color, cream color, red color or absolutely white color. Biro according to the breed standard must have only chocolate-white body color, so all other colors in conjunction with chocolate nose must be considered as a fault. Anyone who wants to buy a true Biro-yorkie for show and breeding must be aware of that fact.
The first biro puppies were born in Germany in 2004 from Biewer terriers, who carried earlier on undetected chocolate gene. The breeders took interest in appearance of a new coat color, and decided to continue breeding in order to strengthen the new color in the breed. Over 10 years of breeding the chocolate gene spread in Biewer breed and now chocolate puppies are regularly born in kennels who breed Biewer and Biro terriers. Nevertheless, Biro yorkshire terriers are still small-numbered dogs and cannot survive without pouring blood of Biewers and chocolate yorkies to them. When breeding a Biro to Biro we often come across a very close inbreeding, which can result in serious health problems.